As part of our new “Meet The Team” blog series, we’d like to introduce the fabulous Jane, our Studio Project Lead.

Hi Jane!

As one of our longest-standing members of staff, Jane probably needs no introduction to many people! Mainly, her role is quite creative, and involves working in our studio to design artwork for many of our key clients’ catalogues, and the account management that sits alongside that.

“I’ve wanted to work in the print industry in some form since I was at school! My cousin left school and started out as a graphic designer so I went in that direction too. I have always been interested in art mediums and being creative. I’ve been here at Telescope for over 16 years, so it must be ok!”

Being the friendly person that she is, one of Jane’s favourite parts of her job is getting to work with and talk to her clients and colleagues on a daily basis. She’s also very organised, and enjoys setting up and managing her projects from start to completion. One of the most interesting projects she’s been a part of was the development of our “HUB” product inventory management system.

Outside work, Jane loves to listen to music and collect vinyl, potter in the garden, and is also an avid collector of houseplants (she’s really great at keeping the office greenery alive)!

Five Questions for Jane…

How do you take your cup of tea?
I’m into T2’s green teas – in particular, Japanese GMC Sencha. If that’s not available then Yorkshire tea, white with a tiny bit of sugar please!

Do you have any unusual hobbies?
I’m really interested in Cyanotype printing and Shibori dying. I’m also trying my hand at origami at the moment.

What 3 items would you bring to a desert island?
Assuming there is electricity…. My turntable, my entire vinyl collection, and my husband so we can enjoy the music and solitude together!

Where’s your favourite place in the world?
By my husband’s side. Preferably somewhere in the UK countryside, where it’s remote and untouched by society. Wales and the Scottish Highlands are beautiful.

What’s the greatest album of all time?
This question is very, very difficult… It will have to be ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ by Genesis. Peter Gabriel can do no wrong!