Millennials currently make up the largest living generation and are one of the most coveted demographics that nearly every brand has their sights set on for either now or the future. However, despite there being so, many Millennials, it is in fact considered reasonably challenging to engage with them effectively. The ability to capture and maintain their attention, and loyalty, is no small feat, due to their adversity to traditional marketing and advertising.

Social media-worthy optimisation

For brands, a social media presence is essential. Within this is it essential to either have the resources and following to make all social media channels work effectively or if not, focus on one or two social media channels which are the most appropriate to the demographics and interests of your audience.

Optimising all social channels is a challenge in itself, which isn’t always rewarding and is not always budget friendly. Millennials, in particular, tend to favour Instagram when it comes to social media, a highly visual platform which relies on shareability. Attractive aesthetics of a product or service are critical to being successful here. Optimising the content that your brand puts out on social media is also important, ensuring that you pay close attention to what performs well and keeps the audience captivated. Short and punchy videos can be key to hooking Millennial viewers, offering engaging and quickly digestible information, which they can access via smartphone and on the go.

Shine a light on your consumers

Millennials enjoy seeing ‘themselves’ within the media that they consume, with user-generated content proving to be one of the favourite ways to experience the brand. Encouraging the usage of branded hashtags to share and submit images to the Instagram page, in particular, is a popular choice, which works two-fold in that it engages with the audience and provides an endless stream of content for the social feed. Content that is generated by users is often much more authentic and offers a more genuine stock of aspirational visuals.

In order for a brand to form a genuine connection with the Millennial audience, it must engage with their personal values and ensure that the wider company activity is aligned with their beliefs and culture. The boycott of unethical actions of companies is often thrown into the spotlight across social media when Millennials uncover them, which can also result in irreparable damage to the brand and an overall avoidance from the generation. Social identity is incredibly important to the Millennial buying habits, with brands that aim to make a difference in their actions and through sales, rising the top of the Millennial favourites. Charitable programmes and world change can be one of the driving forces behind engaging with socially conscious Millennials.

Integrate technology

Connecting with Millennials where they already are is important, failure to recognise the places both online and offline that they spend their time can be detrimental in hitting the right audience with the right content. Technology is crucial to building an effective Millennial marketing campaign. As digital natives, these individuals spend a significant amount of their day online, whether this is through personal means or during work, they are almost always online. Due to this widely-known fact, websites and social media are heavily saturated with messages, all trying to reach this generation. Therefore it is important to ensure that your brands online identify is authentic, accessible and transparent. It must not exclude or discriminate and instead should be clear about everything from the testing of the products, the origin of the resources and the people behind the brand, to ensure the user experience aligns with expectancy and you rise to the top above your competition.

It may seem like Millennials are difficult to market to, however, developing an in-depth understanding how they work, their core values and the platforms which they invest the majority of their time in will alleviate the guessing work, previously associated with this generation. If your marketing efforts need some attention, get in touch with Absolute DM to find out more.