As ecommerce website developers, we are constantly trawling through resources, blogs, articles and websites in order to keep up to date with what is going on in the world of ecommerce. One of the most interesting things we keep track of is the popularity of ecommerce website platforms and the reasons for increased or decreased popularity.

We would like to refer you to this article, written by one of our favourite and most relied upon Magento extension developers, AheadWorks. It talks about the state of play in terms of the popularity of ecommerce in 2016, and the reasons.

It is great to know that the two platforms we specialise in, Magento and WooCommerce (WordPress) retain the majority of market share. We are obviously focussing in the right areas and Magento/WooCommerce are delivering great results on our clients’ ecommerce sites.

The Future of Ecommerce – Magento, WordPress and ?

From our point of view, there’s no reason why we expect any major changes in 2016 when it comes to ecommerce market share.

We love Magento. Yes it can be complicated, but that’s usually the complaint of people who don’t fully understand it. Magento continues to be the most powerful platform out there and is ‘all things to all people’ (my colleague’s favourite phrase) hence the reason it can seem complicated at times. With a huge network of support surrounding Magento, with thousands of developers creating new modules, ideas and innovations, Magento continues to be ‘The Daddy’ in our eyes. Oh, and Magento 2 is now available, and seems great, which will only add to it’s popularity! We will be touching more on Magento 2 in future posts.

We also love WooCommerce (on WordPress) which continues to grow as an ecommerce platform. It is similar to Magento in the way that there is a huge community of developers who use it and contribute to it, with thousands of plugin developers all over the world adding valuable functionality to the already impressive WooCommerce plugin. Coupled with how easy it is to use WordPress, a user could have a basic ecommerce site set up in minutes, hence it’s popularity.

This year we dabbled with Shopify, but to be honest, we weren’t impressed. It has it’s advantages in that it is a hosted solution, but other than that we found it to be very limiting, too controlled and inflexible. It’s not terrible, but it’s simply not something we could use for any of our clients right now as it doesn’t offer the flexibility of Magento’s multi-store offering, or the ease of WordPress with WooCommerce.

Check Out the Newbie…

We’ve been looking at a site called, which is a new ecommerce platform that appears to be going in the same way as the big boys, in that it is opening itself to a community of developers and is actively seeking contributors to add to it’s platform. We have no idea how it’s going to go, but it’s just something that caught our eye, and we always try to stay one step ahead of everyone when it comes to ecommerce.

So that’s our two-penneth, feel free to offer your thoughts in the comments…