When using direct marketing materials to communicate your product or your service to your customers, customisation can bridge a gap between brand and customer, creating a more memorable and valued experience.

Creating bespoke call-to-actions, whether this is asking your customers to reply, call or click a link in an email if the instruction is personalised and customised using the information you know about them, it can boost the likelihood of converting.

Direct marketing has been noted as achieving much higher success rates when personalisation is used, utilising a targetted list of prospects, built by segmenting your customers or interested parties into groups. These can then be used to create custom marketing materials which best appeals to their interests, previous purchases, demographics and a further range of preferences, needs or wants.


Personalisation can be implemented in a number of ways, with several methods available to grab your customers attention. Simply using your recipient’s name can make a huge difference and using it within the bulk of the text or incorporating it elsewhere can engage with them from the offset. You could also choose to personalise the imagery you use in line with the recipients demographic, allowing them to better align with the messaging and to better relate to the content.

Using personal statistics can be useful when personalising and allows your business to push your offering more effectively. Using stats allows a brand to demonstrate how their product or service is going to make a difference in that customer’s life specifically, whether its saving money, time or improving convenience.

Targetting customers

Direct marketing offers the capability to target specific consumer groups, using tailored messaging and custom imagery and content. By conducting research, you can best identify customers who would most likely be interested in your brand and how they can use it. This allows you to better focus your efforts and create content that is going to engage with your customer.

Budget restraints

Too often budgets can get in the way of achieving the desired outcome, however, direct marketing and implementing customisation can be an economically friendly way of effectively reaching your target audience. Running a purposeful campaign, which specifically understands the demographic you are trying to reach and demonstrates value can cost a fraction of bigger advertising methods such as TV broadcasting, but still achieve impressive results.

Reestablishing relationships

Demonstrating an understanding customer needs is often very well received and can work in favour of the brand to build a meaningful relationship which can offer longevity. Reestablishing relationships with lapsed customers by approaching them with tailored offers or important or useful information can prove that you understand their wants and needs. Through this, you can reestablish a relationship with lost customers and bring them back to your brand.

Building loyalty

Direct marketing can build loyalty in customers and using personalisation will build personal connections that over the longer term will ensure that your customers value your knowledge of their wants and needs and be more likely to return time after time. Taking note of customer location, name, demographics and past purchases can all help you to understand how best to communicate with your customers in the future.

If your direct marketing efforts aren’t achieving the desired effects, it could be time to begin implementing some personalisation into your activities. By collecting information on your customers, you can build a better understanding of how your product or service fits into their lives and can change them for the better.