Getting the perfect ecommerce product page is not so difficult to achieve, there is basically one golden rule:

“make it as simple as possible for the customer to buy the product they are looking for”

Ok, so there’s a bit more to it than that, which I’ll talk about in a minute, but that is the ‘golden rule’ that I have always stuck to. Really it’s just common sense, because even if you have the best products on the market, at the best prices, if you’re website is rhubarb, you’re not going to sell much!

From experience in building ecommerce websites, I have found that customers EXPECT to see certain things when shopping online, and if they aren’t visible, in the obvious places, it can seriously affect the websites sales conversion rate. Lets assume for a second, that the user has found your site through a search engine, they’ve navigated their way to your product through your menus or search facility, and they’ve now landed on your product page. What do they expect to see?

1. An Accurate, Compelling, Descriptive Product Title

Your product titles should be well-written. By that I mean make it understandable, to the point, desirable and describe what the product is in just one short sentence. I’m sure most of you will have bought products through eBay before? You will have seen some of the ridiculously long (or short) product titles some people use on there, with incorrect spellings, half upper/lower case?

“TV For sale with Big screen and in colour with Brackit included, hardly used at all. WOW TAKE A LOOK!!!!!!!!!”

Ok so I might have exaggerated, but you get my drift. How big is big? What sort of colour? Is it really going to make me say WOW?

32″ HD TV with Bracket” would have been better, right? It’s much shorter, yet is more accurate and doesn’t need all the !!!!!!!! to make you want to look at it.

You also have to remember, your product title is also likely to be displayed in Google (and other search engine) search results, which is important to your click-through rate.

2. Lots of High Quality Images

It goes without saying, people shop with their EYES. They must see the product in all it’s glory, all shiny and new, from every angle under the sun, zoomed in and out! Serious, go mad with product images, really put the effort it.

3. Unique Product Images That Are the Right Length

Your product descriptions must contain the specification of your product. Buyers want to know this stuff. Size, colour, material, uses, everything the product does. Your product description should also be unique, written by you, not only to make it stand out from the crowd, but also for SEO reasons. There’s no point copying and pasting a product description word-for-word from another website.

4. Show Reviews!

Buyers LOVE reviews. We all do it, we all want to read reviews before we buy something. Help your customers to make their decision by displaying good, honest reviews from real customers. If all of your products have a 10/10 rating from thousands of customers, there’s got to be something fishy going on, so keep it real.

It isn’t always easy getting people to write reviews, especially good ones! I bought some trainers from Adidas recently and they emailed me shortly after, offering me 10% off my next order in exchange for a review. Dangle a carrot for your customers, reviews matter!

5. An Obvious Add to Basket Button

This should be the most stand out element on your page, and should always be visible, wherever the user might scroll to. Make it big, bold and colourful so it simply cannot be missed.

6. Display the Price

This might sound obvious, but there are so many websites I’ve come across where the price has been hidden or confusing, which has totally put me off buying. The price should be clear and obvious, just like the add to cart button.

7. Make it User Friendly & Mobile Friendly

More than 50% of people browse and buy using mobiles, so make sure your product pages are responsive for all devices. Similarly, make sure your pages load quickly because users love to browse, so they don’t want to be waiting 30 seconds between every product page.


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