The vast amounts of digital data organisations have access to can act as a barrier to real insight for marketers and data experts alike. There’s a temptation to just report on the easiest pieces of data and monitor those features that grab our immediate attention.

However, it is the consumer underneath all that data that is making the decision to engage with and choose your brand, product or service. So, to truly make sense of digital datawe need to put the customer at the centre of all our activities whether we are analysingsocial media data or a customer database.

Digital data – advantages and challenges
Digital data provides bucket loads of immediate data. We can start to wax lyrical about “big data”, knowing everything about our clients and customers, anticipating their every need. Getting messages, to the right person, at the right time in the right manner.

Gone are the frustrating delays between execution and report, gone is the difficulty of linking outcome to communication, gone is the need to make educated guesses.


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