Direct marketing is in. Ads are out. That’s what many marketing publications are now stating and they may not be far from wrong. After all, ads are no longer considered the best tool to reach your audience due to the lack of connection, failure to make an impact or even leave a mark on the customer.

Brand marketing is no longer working as effectively in a world where direct marketing is thriving as well as an era where communication is at the heart of everything we do. Traditional advertising was created in order to make associations between brands and a single emotion – this includes the likes of Coca-Cola and happiness and Volvo and safety, with their advertising activity continuously pushing this same idea, over and over, through different mediums.

The development of these ads was built on a single USP and alongside that, a singular message. Each creative would portray the same message in a different way and on a different medium and it worked back when it was new and fresh. Audiences had fewer ways to be reached, fewer distractions and the ad was shown through one of only a few ways of communicating, therefore, the content was far more memorable. Brands, now, must compete with an exceptional amount of noise, across a more vast range of channels.

The value of personalisation

Personalised broadcast communications aim to serve the needs of the end user, above all else, and with the increasingly evolving and growing use of the internet, the demand for personalised experiences is higher than ever. Personalisation has been recognised as yielding a higher response rate, increased customer engagements and allows smart companies to effectively stand out from their competitors. A personalised experience can include relevant content which is tailored to your customers interests, demographics and lifestyle. Personalisation above all else adds value to a brands marketing activity and makes customers value the overall business. Whether the personalisation is applied during the packing stage, across the online activity such as website browsing or email tailoring or even within their direct mail, the benefits are very apparent. With the opportunity to increase customer loyalty, brand awareness and even boost sales.

Stand out from the crowd

Direct mail campaigns which are personalised allow your brand to stand out from the surrounding noise and can heighten the interest of the recipient. Direct mail is often now able to guarantee a few seconds of your recipient’s attention, utilising physical methods of advertising which has previously been proven to draw a greater emotional response. Moreover, physical materials are considered to represent greater value to customers and studies have proven these to be more memorable than digital materials, therefore offering more influence on the customer behaviour.

Moving beyond reach

Multidimensionality within direct marketing is crucial, ensuring that customers are surprised and never bored. Marketing should be emotional and attempt to be entertaining, informative or instructional. Reaching people is no longer the task, communicating with them effectively is now the goal. Only brands who ensure that their direct marketing is tailored and speaks to customers in their preferred medium, are destined to be successful in a market both online and offline, that is so densely populated and where noise can prove to be a huge barrier between customer and purchase.

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