Direct marketing allows companies to bypass the noise created within retail environments and aims to optimise their efforts to rise above their competitors. Whilst advertising in towns or shopping centres has many benefits, linking in-store communications to direct marketing activity can give increased opportunity to monitor the efforts of the marketing activities in correlation with sales and consumer messaging.

Direct marketing establishes a connection with your customers

Not only should your marketing efforts aim to convey your desired message directly to your customers and potential customers, it should also seek to create a connection with them. In order to effectively build these connections, your business will likely need to collect information from consumers. Within this, you should be able to establish customer demographics, create personas and understand interests, which will then assist in creating a tailored direct marketing campaign that reflects exactly what your audience wants to see and demonstrates an understanding of their customer journey.

Direct marketing attracts offline customers

Offline direct marketing can be utilised in alternative ways to digital direct marketing. Whilst retargeting efforts that remind users that they’ve clicked away from a basket and prompt recommendations are useful, some users can find this intrusive. Customers of a particular demographic may prefer to be targeted offline, through methods such as direct mail, that is more closely tailored to their preferences; this approach can help to target the minority group who are not digitally orientated and want to interact with your brand in their own time and space.

Direct marketing offers a creative approach and personalised campaigns

Direct marketing offers the opportunity to be creative and engage with the consumer. Utilising methods that require the consumer to perform a basic activity or encourage them to further engage with the marketing materials, assists in building a memorable brand. From buildable assets to jumping pop-up’s, to welcome packages; there are any number of ways for you to encourage your consumers to engage with your brand across the full spectrum of direct communication methods.

Direct marketing is accessible to all age groups

Despite the prominence of the digital space, there are still many consumers who are less likely to use the internet, welcome PPC ads, respond to email campaigns or engage with social media. Alternatives such as catalogues, direct mail or door drops are likely to be a more effective route to target these types of consumers, ensuring the materials that reach them are effectively tailored to their preferences and linked to an overall communication plan for that individual.

Direct marketing is great for building brand awareness

Brand awareness can be effectively built and enhanced through direct marketing; with all assets and materials consistently branded to a common theme, brand presence is improved to keep your products, services or offers at the forefront of the consumers mind wherever possible. This method should be implemented across any number of marketing channels and ensure that your brand stands out above the competition. Your brand should represent everything your company is about and should ensure a trustworthy brand association whenever consumers see your company theme. Moreover, branding should fundamentally aim to build a familiarity between you and your customers.

Direct marketing works best with set goals

Many marketers fail to effectively measure their direct marketing, only utilising data collection to plan their next campaign. In order to create measurable results, you should first decide what your goals for the activity are and define how these will be measured. For example, if your campaign relies on tracking e-commerce activity, then creating a coupon code to assist in the tracking process can define the reach and effectiveness of your campaign. Testing is a great way to continually monitor the effectiveness of your direct marketing, allowing you to continually evaluate and challenge the marketing effectiveness of your campaigns whilst keeping pace with the consumers’ attitude to the social and technological environment.

Direct marketing by Absolute DM

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