There are many people out there who continue to question whether or not direct marketing is still successful in the rapidly growing world of digital technology and marketing. With direct mail receiving a 24% open rate on average among recipients, the answer is that direct marketing is still as effective as it was before!

Direct marketing and return on investment

Many leading institutions, from a variety of sectors, have reported that direct marketing is helping them to increase their returns from existing customers and that a well planned ‘customer journey’ with multiple relevant and sequenced contacts dramatically improves retention, loyalty and ROI.

At the same time, the same institutions have experienced an increase in their return on investment when implementing individual tactical and strategic direct marketing campaigns; seeing constant success from a range of traditional direct mail formats, including postcards, one piece mailers and good old fashioned conventional letters in envelopes.

So how do we make sure direct marketing is effective when competing with digital alternatives?

Personalisation. Successful direct marketing strategies personalise their collateral and message to target specific individuals, making those individuals believe that they care about their needs and desires, which results in heightened brand awareness.

Another benefit of direct marketing is the potential for cost saving when compared with digital or press based alternatives. Well targeted direct mail can be much cheaper than mass-produced marketing strategies for SMEs, helping companies to cross-sell and grow their trading relationships with individual consumers.

Nearly every direct marketing strategy employed today has two main objectives – to establish a relationship or an account and to make a good impression when delivering the product or service being promoted; a double success in this department greatly increases the propensity for a second and subsequent transaction.

With the ever increasing digital footprint on our lives, many people still like feeling a physical product in their hands, a book, brochure or flyer, something they can touch and interact with.

Yes, there is a part to be played by the digital channels, but they should be employed as well as and not instead of tangible media.

Direct marketing by Absolute DM

Direct Marketing in physical form is alive, kicking and making a real comeback! At Absolute DM we can help you to develop and deliver successful marketing and promotional campaigns, using our expertise and innovations in direct marketing.

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