Data is critical in direct marketing, with the capability to understand your customer’s demographics, wants, needs, interests and everything in between, crucial to tailoring effective direct marketing pieces. For companies who are keen to seriously adapt their marketing efforts, gain a competitive advantage over their competition and position themselves as the go-to brand in their remit, they should be embracing big data with both hands.

Consumers are becoming increasingly picky over who they buy from or who they employ to carry out a service, therefore, brands need to ensure that they are putting out messaging which listens to their customer’s opinions and takes into account how they prefer to be communicated with. Customer preference includes terminology, tone of voice, colours, images and platform. For direct marketers, big data can help you create a plan to ensure that your promotional material stands out in an increasingly noisy market and reduce the risk of being completely ignored.

Data-driven strategies

It’s a pretty sensible move, adopting data to better understand your consumers to make sure you’re targetting the right people, at the right time, in the right environment and using the right kind of messaging. It has been demonstrated that companies who operate under this approach are six times more likely to be profitable YOY, so if your brand isn’t adopting the use of big data, you should be asking yourself; ‘why not?’

Utilising data within direct marketing is critical in being able to personalise your marketing materials to your consumers, forming one of the most effective methods of marketing. The ability to understand more information about your customers allows your business to build a better picture of how they behave and interact with marketing materials. From this, you can determine if your company is targeting your customer’s demographics and identify gaps in the previous activities to utilise as opportunities to grow in the future.

A report by Salesforce revealed that 53% of consumers stated that they would go as far as switching brands if a company failed to ensure that communications were personalised to their needs and demographics. With so much at stake, those who aren’t currently tailoring their communications should understand that big data offers them a plethora of information on their consumers, including; what makes them buy, spending habits, interests in products and services, optimum purchasing time and what format and platform to choose for their marketing messages.

Implementing data within direct marketing

If your business is not currently part of the 49% of marketers who are using data analytics to optimise their customer experience, then its now time to get on board. Data has also been proven as a key way to create more engaging direct mail pieces, through developing a better understanding of how customers purchase, browse, communicate on social media and behave online.

With access to the right kind of data, a company can build a picture of how their customers behave online, including their online shopping preferences. The full journey of how they discover, buy and engage with a product can help a brand understand where their marketing activities are succeeding within this process and areas for improvement to drive better conversions and interactions. Creating a campaign based on customer interests is a guaranteed way to increase engagement and heighten the chances of generating more leads and sales.

Online activity can reveal a lot of information about your customers, including identifying returning customers and revealing their reasons for repeat purchases or learning more about their social media presence and activity to determine if they are engaged with certain brands and why.

Your business will have access to a lot of information regarding your customers, and by identifying those who revisit a page frequently or follow a company on social media, you can better establish a profile of who is more inclined to buy from you. Those who are already engaged or prepared to be engaged with the company by associating with them on social media are prime candidates for personalised marketing messages; presenting an opportunity to display an understanding of the customer in order to yield significant results.

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