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Why design for print will always be relevant in marketing

When it comes to designing marketing campaigns, digital communication has asserted its dominance over its print-based predecessor in the last few years. The reasoning is simple; alongside the evolution of technology, digital campaigns have become increasingly accessible for consumers in modern times. In fact, it’d be a challenging task these days to go a full [...]

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Staying ahead of the game: embracing innovative websites

In this day and age, you’d be forgiven for thinking that most of the websites you visit look mostly the same. And you’d be right - it’s no secret that modern sites favour responsive web design with similar layouts and generic fonts. Your website is the face of your brand or business - you want [...]

Very Merry Christmas from Team Telescope

Seasons Greetings Thank you for your support over the past year and we look forward to seeing you in 2019! Hope you all find the time to relax, recharge and enjoy a well-deserved break. Office Hours We will close from midday on Friday 21st December 2018 Returning bright and breezy on Wednesday 2nd January 2019

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Applying 2019’s Marketing Trends to Direct Mail

2018 has been an innovative year for technology and marketing. From the rise of artificial intelligence and virtual reality to programmatic’s domination of marketing activities, the user experience has been enhanced, overhauled and reformed. Where do we go from here? 2019 looks to be a year where innovation continues to create great technology and the [...]

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  • Rebrand Launch!

Brand Relaunch!

From today Telescope Studios will be known as just Telescope following the success of our recent merger with Absolute DM and we’re excited to launch our new look. Our team of designers have dedicated dozens of hours into creating a whole new identity as Telescope which reflects our ambitions and culture, allowing us to drive [...]

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Big data to support your direct marketing

Data is critical in direct marketing, with the capability to understand your customer's demographics, wants, needs, interests and everything in between, crucial to tailoring effective direct marketing pieces. For companies who are keen to seriously adapt their marketing efforts, gain a competitive advantage over their competition and position themselves as the go-to brand in their [...]

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