Royal Mail has been providing ongoing advice to customers and businesses in regards to how to manage their direct mail marketing and communications in a post-GDPR arena. One of the most recent additions is the GDPR Incentive Proposition, which provides a number of testing propositions for ways in which customers can use mail, post-GDPR, to effectively communicate whilst remaining compliant with the legislation.

What is the Royal Mail GDPR Incentive?

In order to empower companies and encourage them to further invest in mail communications, Royal Mail has offered advice on ways in which mail could help brands thrive in a GDPR world. These 12 pieces of advice conclude in offering pricing incentives to companies that invest in mail, whether they are a new or existing customer and across a variety of potential mail activities, Royal Mail intends on offering a wealth of support including discounts for those who continue or pick up the use of mail within their strategy.

Research conducted by Royal Mail demonstrates the value associated and overall impression of a brand, when using email compared to email, with mail revealing that more customers would be more likely to take mail seriously, feel more valued and have an overall better impression of that company, compared to much lower percentage who feel the same way, when it comes to email communication.

At Absolute DM, we offer our customers the ability to pass their direct marketing and mail responsibilities to us to manage and ensure compliance across all activities. If your business is considering investing in mail for your future marketing and communication capabilities, get in touch with Absolute DM today to find out how we can streamline your processes, saving you time and money. To read more information on GDPR, click here

To download the Royal Mail GDPR Incentive Proposition guide, click here.